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When your friends say "You can do this".
Funny Dice Game Toy- Bachelor Party- Adult Toy Couple Gift Only $5.29
That Was Stupid.
That was stupid !!!
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Shot Glass - 1995 Happy 21st Birthday Gift - Celebrate Turning Twenty One. $9.96
That Was Stupid!
Great gift for that special person.
Wild Shot Deluxe Cleaning Kit in Bullet-Shaped Case. $39.95. Very cool gift for him.
How to build a cheap wall.
That Was Stupid!
AZ Magic Pen Thru Dollar Bill Trick - Girls love this trick. $8.01
When you're out with the guys and then...she calls.
How to fix a pothole.
Emergency Underpants. For when unexpected shit happens in your life. Only $7.99.
Learn from the mistakes made by others!
That Was Stupid!
Only $1.95 - You Cant Fix Stupid Hard Hat Helmet Stickers 1” x 2”
Creative vacuum tunnel ad in Slovakia
That Was Stupid!
Tool Box Funny Warning Sticker, Decal, Adult Dewalt Stihl Craftsman - Only $1.49
That was stupid!
That was stupid!
Ted 2 Movie-Size Plush Talking Teddy Bear Explicit Doll in Tank Top, 24". Only $45.99
That was stupid.
Bob's attempt to break the record for crashing through 10 windows.
This bad-ass board hat is only $7.45
The exact moment you realized that was a bad idea, and this is going to hurt!
Ouch! That was stupid!
DRINK-A-PALOOZA: The "Monopoly" of Drinking Games, Board Games, Party Games & Bachelorette Party Gifts. $39.99
Some people are just beyond stupid.
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