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Hopefully for good.
AZ Magic Pen Thru Dollar Bill Trick - Girls love this trick. $8.01
Monday morning. 8am.
that was stupid
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Wild Shot Deluxe Cleaning Kit in Bullet-Shaped Case. $39.95. Very cool gift for him.
Learn something new every day.
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That was stupid!
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Bernie Sanders, Feel the Bern Men's T-Shirt & Sticker - Only $17.97
It's good to be the King.
Crowdwalking rock star catches bear drinks from it
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Funny Can Coolie I'm Not Gay But $20 is $20 Funny Gift 2 Pack Can Coolies Drink Coolers Black Only $9.97
What could possibly go wrong?
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that was stupid.
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100 Fake Lottery Tickets gag gift $13.95
Finals are over!!!
Note: Spaghetti fits perfectly in a Pringles can...
Fifty Shades of Chicken: A Parody in a Cookbook Only $11.71
Soccer player accidentally gets himself an extra yellow card.
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I wish it was this easy!
Mr. Big Shot Fancy Pants Desk Plate | Perfect Funny Gift for Boss. $19.99
That guy's semester must be awesome.
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This seems like a really bad slogan.
Only $1.95 - You Cant Fix Stupid Hard Hat Helmet Stickers 1” x 2”
Time to clean the PC before school starts.
I love you man!
Flexifoil 1.7m2/2.2m Wide Sting 4-line Power Kite - $139
Summer break.
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..and stupid doesn't know how to ride a motorcycle.
Billy Bob Grillz Pacifier. $7.18.
You're going to get 30 years for this.