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My Stupid Pins

Ka boom!

That Was Stupid!

Creative vacuum tunnel ad in Slovakia

Bob's attempt to break the record for crashing through 10 windows.


The Wind Beast Kirin Dragon Kite - $65


Emoji Universe: 2-Ply Professional Practice Golf Balls, 12 Emoji Balls. $14.95


The Official BS Button $6.70

Live. Love. Laugh. Life is short.


Miraculously, the man survived the fall after the powdery snow cushions his fall. He was even able to walk again after three months after fracturing his vertebrae, pelvis and legs.


That was stupid!

Let's keep the spittle to a 1 please.

That picture of a pool in Lake Tahoe is a few years old. Here's what it looks like these days.


The only thing duct tape cant hold together is my marriage.

It's called the toilet bowl for a reason.

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That Was Stupid!

Backflip from a hunting tower... That was stupid!

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A stuck weiner.

What the...


That was stupid!

How I imagine vegans at a BBQ.